Staten Island Movers

Staten Island Movers is a team of experienced, professional movers who are here to help ensure your relocation goes smoothly. We provide full service moving for homes and businesses in Staten Island, and throughout the area. Our moving experts can help you by packing up your belongings, loading them on the truck, driving them to your new location and unpacking everything properly. You’ll be able to sit back, and relax, knowing that all your belongings are being taken care of properly.

Here at Staten Island Movers, we can help you with local moves, or long distance relocations. No matter where you’re moving, or why, we are here to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will arrive on time, and with all the necessary equipment to ensure we can get everything moved quickly, easily and most importantly, safely. Not only do we provide the best movers in Staten Island, however, we are also extremely affordable. Since we are not a privately owned and operated company, we don’t have a lot of the expenses and overhead like the competition, which allows us to pass those savings on to you.

Staten Island Movers | Why Hire Professionals

When planning a move, many people consider renting a moving truck, and handling all the work themselves. While this may sound good at first, it might not work out as well as you hope. Not only do our Staten Island movers handle all the hard work involved, but we also have the experience needed to make sure it is done right, and nothing gets broken.

Moving large appliances and furniture, for example, is extremely difficult and can result in serious injury or having your items broken. We have the right equipment; training and experience to make sure these items are safely relocated without any problems. Another benefit of hiring movers in Staten Island is that we know how to properly load the moving truck to ensure everything fits. We can often fit everything in one load, rather than having to make multiple trips, which can save you money. We’ll also load the truck in a way to make sure all your belongings are kept safe and secure while on the road.

Staten Island Movers | Contact Us at 718-907-0192

If you have a move coming up in the near future, make sure to contact us with any questions you might have, or to schedule our Staten Island movers to help you. We can be reached by dialing 718-907-0192. Our friendly customer service professionals will help you plan your move, including choosing the right sized moving truck, letting you know approximately how long a move should take, and booking our movers to come out and perform the move for you.

Whether you’re planning a business or a residential move, we can help you make sure it goes smoothly. Let us take all the stress of moving off your shoulders, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. We’ll make sure all your belongings arrive safe and sound in your new home or business, so you can start off on the right foot.